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2010 Flaherty's

Repeat Winners "Just Follow That"

Rick Micek, Christy Muellner, Matt Muellner, Missy Windschitl, and Phil Windschitl

Pos # Team Name Team Captain
Prize $
1 Just Follow That! Rick Micek
2 Just Follow Behind Gene Soderbeck
3 Famlam # 1 Eric Brandvold
4 Just Follow Along Kim Fidler
5 3 X 2 Ed Vanek
6 Team RAWR  Tami DeVaan
7 Steelers Cheryl Steele
8 5 Idiots Phil Keen
9 Ultra Enterprises John Brenneman
10 We Luv 10 Pins Joel Bierwerth
11 Drkula's 32 Jodie L'Allier
12 Just For Fun Tim Petersen

2nd Place "Just Follow Behind"

John Kensy, Deb Micek, George Retezan, Joan Soderbeck and Gene Soderbeck

3rd Place "FamLam"

Dustin Dorma, Jamie Brandvold, Dana Andrews, Eric Brandvold
and Kristi Crossley

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14th Annual St. Paul Limited Average Mixed Team Challenge

The 14th Annual Limited Average Mixed Team Challenge was held on December 12th at Flaherty’s Bowl in St. Paul. This tournament is an all Baker Format style of bowling where the first bowler bowls the 1st and 6th frames, the second bowler bowls the 2nd and 7th frames and so forth. This year we had 32 teams in the tournament (36 lane center). The teams consist of 3 men and 2 women or 2 men and 3 women with a maximum combined average of 950 with a 90 % Handicap. The top prize of $600.00 for first place was not the only thing the teams were shooting for as we ran brackets during qualifying rounds and Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals were awarded for First, Second and Third respectively. Thanks to all who participated in brackets as we were able to have some nice payouts to our teams and were also able to cover our expenses.

During qualifying competition the highest game bowled was a 289 by Famlam #1 in Game 5. Of the 34 teams, in the 10 games of qualifying, the lowest game was a 126 bowled in the 6th game. Famlam #1 lead the qualifying round with an average of 204.3 in 10 games. The average to cash was 186.5 and the average to advance to match play was 188.9. Also during qualifying there was a prize of $125.00 for the first team to bowl a 300. Since that feat was not accomplished, we held a drawing for the non-cashing teams and that team received $125.

At the end of match play, the team of Just Follow Behind was in first place, Just Follow That! was in second and Famlam #1 was in third.

In the stepladder finals, Famlam #1 bowled games of 156 and 158 for a total of 314 and Just Follow That! bowled games of 168 and 200 for a total of 368 and advanced to the final championship match.  In the finals, Just Follow Behind bowled games of 153 and 199 for a total of 352 and Just Follow That! bowled games of 184 and 180 for a total of 364 to win the 14th Annual St. Paul Mixed Team Challenge.

At this time we would like to congratulate the team members of Just Follow That!: Rick Micek, Chrissy Muellner, Matt Muellner, Missy Windschitl, and Phil Windschitl on their victory.

Thank you to all the bowlers who participated. Additionally, we would also like to thank Flaherty’s Bowl, Mikes Pro Shop, Pearson’s Candy and the St. Paul Federal Credit Union for their assistance in making this tournament a success.

The 15th annual St. Paul Mixed Team Challenge is being planned for December 11, 2011 at a place to be announced in the future.  Please pay attention to our website www.stpaulbowl.org for further information.

Submitted by:

Gary Winter and Dennis Franz



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