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Eric George




Sartell – On Friday, February 1, 2008 bowling in a mixed league at Great River Bowl, Eric George had a night of bowling to remember.  He started the evening off with a 300 game.  A perfect game, yes, but not uncommon for Eric.  It was the 25th perfect game of his career and the 2nd 300 game for him this season.


Eric, using an Ebonite Gamebreaker, continued to strike 12 more times the second game for back-to-back 300 games.  This was a first for Eric and not a common accomplishment in bowling even in these times of high scoring conditions.  He continued to strike until the 5th frame of the 3rd game when he left a 2-pin, but then struck out for a 279 game and an 879 series!!  His 13th career 800 series broke the local bowling association high series record and was, at the time, tied for 4th high in the state of Minnesota….. until 10 days later.


Bowling in the Fred Mathiasen Classic 5-man scratch league on Monday, February 11th, Eric did it again!


This time he started the evening out with the first 11 strikes, but left a 7-pin on the 12th shot for a 299 game.  That is when he achieved this uncommon accomplishment……again.  Eric, using an Ebonite Angular One, never missed again for 24 strikes in a row and another back-to-back 300 game set for an 899 series.


5 300 games (he threw another one during the week), 3 800 series (he threw another one during the week), 2 local records, 2nd and 4th high series in the state of Minnesota, 1 pin shy of a perfect score, and not one, but two times throwing back-to-back 300 games in the same series………not a bad 10 days of bowling.

For more information contact: Rod Neuenschwander

Bowling Operations Manager

Great River Bowl

208 2nd St. S.

Sartell, MN  56377