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      There are numerous local teams in this great area. All love bowling, all love the opportunity to compete and be the best they can be at a sport some call a game, or at a game some call a sport. Either way, all team members take the time away from other things to travel locally and around the country to give it their best, support their team members, and hope for the #1 spot or at least get a casher. We all know who the best teams in this area are and they all have all had their good and not so good years.

      This was the year for dreams, and this was the year for the Lind’s Lakers, a team that was formed at St Anthony Lanes 25 years ago as the Twin City Lakers, and although there have been some changes made, there has been the core group led by Tom Corbett, that has made this team what it is today. Packed with Hall of Fame, and Team USA members, along with numerous titles, this is a team where team come first, and this was their dream year.


Minnesota State:

              TEAM:  1st Place Actual and Handicap 3389

                            Corbett, Sodergren, Green, Savoy and Eiss

              DBLS:   1st Place  Actual and handicap 1464

                            Sodergren 800 Smith 664

                   AE:   1st, 2nd and 3rd Place scratch 

                            Sodergren 2010-Voaklander 2008- Eiss 2006

                           1st Place w/hdcp

                            Jason Smith 2182  1998 actual

ELMER BEYER  Sodergren (high series in any event) 800


             TEAM:   1st Place 3532

                            Lantto, Corbett, Green, Savoy and Eiss

              DBLS:   5th Place 1414

                           Corbett & Eiss

                   AE:   3rd and 4th

                           Green 2140 and Eiss 2149


           TEAM:    1st Place 3440

                           Lantto, Miller, Green, Savoy and Eiss

                  AE:    4th Place  2050



            TEAM:   2nd Place 3459

                           Lantto, Miller, Sodergren, Green and Savoy

            SNGLS: 2nd Place 793


                    AE: 3rd Place  2182


USBC: as of  5-18

           TEAM:   2nd Place  3390

                           Lantto,Green, Voaklander, Savoy and Eiss

              DBLS:  6th Place   1444

                           Eiss & Voaklander

                   AE:  4th and 7th Place  2174 and 2164

                           Lantto & Eiss

       TEAM AE:  2nd Place  10187

                           Lantto, Green,Voaklander,Savoy and Eiss


Congratulations to all, for an outstanding year