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Results from MJBT Year End and Flahrety's in Arden Hills


       Matt Bellus-       Jasmine Laugerman

       Eden Prairie-2nd title  -    Brooklyn Center- 8th title

Non-qualifiers:David Litt-first title

also making boys cut-Nick Pahr, Alexx Borst, Kollin Stevens, Nick Krasky, Matt Wratz, Kiho Kyun, Tyler Bysted
also making girls cut-Kris Seath, Kayla Stram, Katie Ann Sopp, Amanda Nordick, Kim Carper
there was no match play for the nq division

Nick Pahr broke the qualifying record, finishing at plus 528 for 9 games

Step Ladder Finals
Jasmine def. Amanda Nordick
   Final Match: Jasmine def. Kayla Stram

Boys: Alexx Borst tied Kollin Stevens; Alexx won the 9th/10th frame roll off
   Nick Krasky def. Alexx Borst
   Final Match: Matt Bellus def. Nick Krasky

Honors Awards
Jamie Tischer Memorial Sportsmanship Award- Sara Ullman and Phil Stellmaker
Rookie of the Year- Laura White and Joey Robilliard
Bowler of the Year- Kim Carper- Brainerd, MN, and Matt Wratz- Farmington, MN

Boys All Star Team- Nick Pahr--Matt Wratz--Jason Price--Alex Blaisdell--Ethan Frank--Aaron Schroeder
Girls All Star Team- Kim Carper--Jasmine Laugerman--Katie Ann Sopp--Kara Bischoff--Kayla Stram--Larissa Lantto

Matt Wratz      Kim Carper

bowlers of the year