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2006-2007 Mpls. "Bowlers of the Year"

Lisa Noor and Matt McNiel

Lisa Noor finished her great year with eight - 700 series, a 2nd place finish in National All Events, 1st place in Mpls. USBC Women's City Tournament Singles Event , 1st place in Mpls. USBC Women's City Tournament All Events, 1st place (tie) in Mn State Scratch Singles, 1st place in St. Paul/Minneapolis Queens, 1st place Women's finish for the Mpls. 700 Tournament
Matt NcNiel had the High average in the Mpls. Bowling Association, three -  800 series , five  - 300 games, one  - 299 game , 1st place finishes - National Singles, Minneapolis Open City Tournament All Events, and the Minneapolis Masters. Top 10 finishes - Minneapolis Open City Tournament Singles, Mn State Open Tournament All Events, and MN Masters.

2006-2007 Mpls "All City" Teams

Women's 1st Team

Tracey Magnuson









Tracey Magnuson: 8 700's. Top 10 finish in Mpls Singles & AE. Top 10 finish in National AE & Singles, Top 10 finish in State AE, 2nd place Twin City Queens.

Lisa Noor: 8 700', 2nd place finish in National AE, 1st place in Mpls singles,1st place in Mpls AE, 1st place (tie) in Mn State singles, 1st place in Twin City Queens, 1st place Mpls 700 tournament.

Deb Lantto: 16 700's, 2 1st place in league average, high avg. in Mpls. assoc., 1st place finish in Mn state AE, 2nd place Mpls. singles, top 5 finish in Mpls. AE, top 5 inMn state singles, top 5 in Mpls 700 tourn. and 1st place in Mpls. 600 tourn.

Kris Geister: 5 700's, high series in Mpls Assoc., 1 800 series, 1st place in National singles, top 5 in national AE, 1st place (tie) in Mn state singles, top 5 finish iin Mpls AE, top 5 in state AE, top 5 in Twin Cities Queens.

Michelle Murman: 4 700's, top 5 finiish in National singles, top 5 in National AE, top 5 in Mn state AE and top 5 in Twin Cities Queens.

Honorable Mention:   Dawn Emmers, Rae Mickle, Lisa Nadeau, Diane Marget, Julie Patnode

Men's 1st Team

photo coming











Chuck Vashaw: 1-800 series, 1-300 game, 1st place Mpls singles, top 5 finishes in Mpls City AE, State singles & AE.

Luke Voaklander: 1-300, 1st in National AE, 2nd National singles, top 10 finishes in Mpls singles & AE

Clark Poelzer: 1-300, 2nd place National AE, top 10 finishes in National singles,Mpls City singles & AE, Mn singles, top 5 finishes in Mn and Mpls Masters.

Matt McNiel: High Avg. in Assoc., 3-800's, 5-300's, 1-299, 1st place finishes:National singles,Mpls AE,Mpls Masters. top 10 finishes: Mpls singles,State AE, Mn Masters

Keith Coolidge: 2-300 games, 1-299, 1-298, top 5 finishes in National AE, State AE, Mpls Masters, top 10 finish in State singles.

Honorable Mention: Carl Fietek, David Langer, Keith Awalt, Matt Schleppenbach, Jason Barnhouse

Award Banquet will be May 21, 2008

Champions Banquet & Recognition Dinner - May 21, 2008 at Brook Hall / next to Blainebrook Bowl.