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FIRST PLACE FINISHERS (l to r) front:  Carter Neuenschwander, Mason Neuenschwander, Nicole Knutson, Claire Turner

(l to r) back: Kyle Matthes, Optimist President Mike Johnson, Kim Carper

2ND PLACE FINISHERS (l to r) Joss Johnson, Austin Schreiner, Optimist President Mike Johnson, Samantha Sell, Jarron Walther, and Brianna Reimann

front: Zach Knutson, Mason Neuenschwander, Nicole Knutson, Jarron Walther, Amber Haakonson, Claire Turner, Abigail Moeller, Brandon Schleicher

mid:  Joshua Hengel, Austin Schreiner, Carter Neuenschwander, Samantha Sell, Brianna Reimann, Joss Johnson, Hannah Moeller

back:  Kim Carper, Jeremy Haakonson, Kyle Matthes, Grant Turner, Optimist President Mike Johnson


$3,615.00 paid in scholarships to area youth, thanks to the St. Cloud Morning Optimist Club!


The second annual "St. Cloud Morning Optimist Youth Bowling Scholarship Tournament" was held at Great River Bowl in Sartell on March 1-2, 2008.  President Mike Johnson was on hand to welcome the bowlers and get the tournament started.  Numerous Optimist members were on hand to assist.


This is the second year that this group has focused on area youth and donated $3000.00 to the prize fund for this tournament.  This is by far the best youth scholarship tournament in central Minnesota, and possibly the state.  This sanctioned handicapped tournament had 8 divisions based on age and gender.  Each division guaranteed 1st place at $150, 2nd place of $100, and third place at $75. The youth bowlers and their parents are extremely thankful for the support and encouragement the Morning Optimist Club has provided.


1 in 3 bowlers won scholarship money based on their winning scores.  The top 3 in each division also received a trophy.  All bowlers received Blue Ribbons for participation.  An additional 9 bowlers, who did not win based on their scores, won scholarships based on:  highest handicap game out, highest handicap series out, and 4 random draw names.



Kyle Matthes, a junior at Sauk Rapids High School, earned a honor award from the United States Bowling Congress for shooting 11 strikes in a row in his 2nd game of the tournament.  He bowled games of 232 - 296 - 240 for a series of 768 to win the "Boys age 15-18" division.


Youngest bowler was Jarron Walther, age 6, who also bowled this tournament last year at age 5. 


Bowlers were allowed to enter side brackets for a chance to win additional scholarship money.  95 side entries paid $475 to bowlers in the form of scholarships.


Bowlers came mostly from the local area, but included bowlers from Brainerd, Cold Spring, Inver Grove Heights, St. Paul, and Avon.


Winners were (handicapped scores):


Girls Divisions:   

8 & Under       

Nicole Knutson - 390, 1st place


9 - 11               

Claire Turner - 747, 1st place  

Samantha Sell - 729, 2nd place   

Hope Kenyon - 721, 3rd place

Abigail Moeller - 718, 4th place 

Atlanta Bidinger - 700, 5th place

Kelsey Rubink - 696, 6th place

Kaesha Madden, 670 high series out


12 - 14       

Becca Doll - 723, 1st place

Brianna Reimann - 678, 2nd place

Megan Wilkinson - 619, 3rd place


15 - 18

Kim Carper - 758, 1st place

Amanda Doll - 680, 2nd place

Ashley Zormeier - 667, 3rd place


Boys Divisions:

8 & under

Mason Neuenschwander - 672, 1st place

Jarron Walther - 644, 2nd place


9 - 11

Carter Neuenschwander - 702, 1st place

Austin Schreiner - 697, 2nd place

Andrew Olmscheid - 692, 3rd place

Zach Knutson, random winner


12 - 14

Ryan Bidinger - 777, 1st place

Joss Johnson -763, 2nd place

Ryan Hassler - 738, 3rd place

Shane Welle - 728, 4th place

Patrick Smieja, 693 high handicap game out

Joshua Hengel,  680 high handicap series out

Cooper Botkin,  680 high handicap series out

Marshall Wirzfeld, 677 high handicap series out


15 - 18

Kyle Matthes - 825, 1st place

Will Bassett - 745 , 2nd place

Grant Turner - 719, 3rd place

Patrick Schultz - 713, 4th place

Jeremy Haakonson - 698, 5th place

Brandon Schleicher - 685, 6th place

Mikey Schmitz - 678  7th place

Adam Braucks, random winner

Joey Popp, random winner

Justin Popp, random winner