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August '10 at Brunswick Zone EP

congratulations to

Terry Schacht

Below are the stepladder finalists. 1 ss automatically placed in matchplay. If that person does not advance...he/she moves back to his previous cashing spot

2nd  Downer
3rd Korth
4th  Blad
5th  Schmid
6th  Stearns
match 1 Korth 247 def Schmid & Stearns 214-199
match 2 Korth def Blad 246-179
match 3 Downer def Korth 232-216
Final Schacht def Downer 256-222

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Click Here for all props and scores

Two 300's

Wayne Howenstein

1st ever 300!
He's 71



Hit a bucket a golf balls to sharpen up


thanks to Jim Wynne of Thunderbird Trophys for supplying the Trophys

thanks to Roni White & Marisa Abrams for their work and putting up with us old guys