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May '10 "Year End" at Texa-Tonka

congratulations to

Mike Wirz

Below are the stepladder finalists. 1 ss and 1 rog, automatically placed in matchplay. If that person does not advance...he/she moves back to his previous cashing spot

2nd Lindner
3rd Poelzer
4th Loth
5th Captain
6th  Schacht

Complete Results

Click here for all scores and props


changes in age catagories

SS: 59 years old.  next year 58, following year 57 and stay at 57

SDS: 65 Years old + ROG (really old guy)70+



thanks to Jim Wynne of Thunderbird Trophys for supplying the Trophys

thanks to Roni White & Marisa Abrams for their work and putting up with us old guys